Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Cost of a Compliment

What is the cost of a compliment? This question occupied my mind as I walked along the Hudson today on my way to work. I thought of it because there was a person dressed quite nicely and I wanted to say something, so I did. I said, "Your clothing looks amazing today." The person perked up immediately and smiled and, at least outwardly, looked much happier than they had been (looked kind of grumpy before that).

And what did that compliment cost me? The way I see it, it didn't really cost me much - some breath, and a tiny fraction of time. What was the benefit? Well, I potentially turned around a person's entire day. I certainly made them much happier - that much was evident from their demeanor before and after the compliment. And because I know that I at least made them happier, that, in turn, makes me happy, so I got something out of it too.

There's a lesson here. Compliments are good. Be sincere and thoughtful, and there's no force on earth which can stop you from going where you want to.

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